The new album "Momentum" available on iTunes, Amazon mp3,
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"Momentum combines down and dirty electrics with addictive, sugar sweet melodies and squeezes the proverbial rock n' roll mainstream juice into her cup of bratty punk snarl. The results are a big, bold biological reaction of compositional passion and vision"" — The Aquarian

"All songs possess an amazing feel. The songwriting digs a bit deeper than the next artist...I see Bianco as a diamond in the rough" — Music Emissions

"[Lisa] is a marquee talent and her musical personality shines with a rare brilliance comparable to a priceless gem" — Indie Shark

"The music is highly passionate, uplifting and entertaining. The songwriting – all songs are consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove." — Indie Music Digest

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